Cleaning Schedule vs. Cleaning Day

Which is Better? Cleaning Schedule vs. Cleaning Day ::

There are three ways to clean:

  1. All at once
  2. A little bit at a time
  3. Not at all

If you’ve owned up to your adult responsibilities and decided that #3 isn’t an option, how do you decide which way is best?

Before you answer ‘How’, answer ‘Why’.

Why do you clean your house? Obligation? Guilt? To make your house homey and enjoyable? So that people think you have it all together when they come over?

Why you clean your house matters more than How or When.

The ‘why’ is rooted in your attitude, which is a much more effective motivator than the “right” method.

I don’t enjoy cleaning. I never have. But it’s a means to an end.

That “end” is taking good care of what we have. I’m grateful for our home and one way that I show that gratitude is by taking good care of it.

So, is it better to clean all at once or a little bit at a time?

Short Answer – It depends.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. What method works bet for you depends more on your personality and routine than anything else.

Cleaning Routine vs. Cleaning Day ::

Examine the pros and cons list. Weigh your priorities. What matters more to you?

Having an entirely clean house or getting your cleaning done quickly?

Having a “break” from cleaning or not being overwhelmed by cleaning the house all at once?

By answering these questions first, you can choose which method of cleaning will work best for you.

Which is Better? Cleaning Schedule vs. Cleaning Day ::

Our family’s schedule recently changed, which caused me to switch from a cleaning routine to a cleaning day. After a few months of this new pattern, I can honestly say that no one way is better than the other. However, each method has been the right fit for that time in our lives, which makes each of them a right choice.

Don’t be afraid to try something and, if it doesn’t work, try something else. That doesn’t mean that you failed. It just means that you haven’t yet found the best way.

Read more about creating a cleaning schedule here. If it’s helpful to see what mine looked like, use this as a guide.

How to Create a Customized Cleaning Routine that Works for You ::

My current method of doing all of my cleaning in one day means that these are the tasks that get done on a weekly basis. It is a lot, and I don’t enjoy doing it, but I sure do enjoy walking away when it’s all complete and knowing that I don’t have to touch that cleaning caddy for another six days….

Cleaning Routine vs. Cleaning Day ::
Cleaning Routine vs. Cleaning Day ::

P.S. See how I clean my entire kitchen in less than 20 minutes – because if I’m cleaning my entire house, I don’t want cleaning my kitchen to take the entire day.

Follow along with my cleaning day this Monday, January 14th on Instagram Stories to see how I break down the tasks and get all of my cleaning done for the week in a couple hours.

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday ::


Coconut Shrimp, Fries & Broccoli

Day #5 of potty training meant that I had ZERO energy to prepare food. So, I went with frozen coconut shrimp that simply had to be put on a pan and put in the oven. A side of frozen fries and frozen broccoli completed the easy trifecta.

18 minutes and minimal effort later, we had a hot supper that was tasty and mildly nutritious.


Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans

I got the meatloaf recipe from Pinterest years ago.

We like it because cooking the meatloaf in muffin tins means that they cook faster and there’s more of the crusty edge, which everyone knows is the only reason to eat meatloaf at all.

I definitely don’t pipe the mashed potatoes on the top of the mini meatloafs. They just get scooped on the side of the meatloaf.

Also, in case you’re wondering, if you accidentally add vanilla greek yogurt instead of plain greek yogurt to your mashed potatoes, no one notices. Or, at least, no one says anything.

Finish this meal off with some frozen green beans and you’re set.

My favorite way to cook green beans is to the put them in a microwave-safe bowl, add a splash of water and put a lid almost entirely on the bowl. Cook in the microwave for 5 minutes. Drain off the water, then add a little butter, salt and pepper and toss together. Sprinkle a little bit of grated parmesan cheese, place the lid back on and toss to coat. Even my kids eat these.


Homemade Pizza, Salad & Apples w/ PB

I am doing the Simplicity Challenge this month and today’s task was cleaning out the fridge. In doing so, I found a half jar of pizza sauce and a bagged salad that expired TODAY, so that’s the origins of today’s meal.

Mini Naans make homemade pizza a breeze. And fun for the kids. AND they help us adults with no self-control (ahem…) with portion control.

Throw some sauce, cheese & veggies (or pepperoni for the kids) on the Naan, Broil it for 4 minutes and supper is done.

Easy peasy.


Breakfast Casserole & Blueberry Muffins

I don’t impulse buy at the grocery store. If something’s not on my list, I don’t buy it.

Except this one time.

I found this seasoning packet on the end cap at the checkout and was intrigued.

It sat in our pantry for a few weeks because 1) I kind of forgot about it and 2) I didn’t have an occasion to make breakfast for supper in the crockpot.

Then we cooked some bacon a little too long – we are chewy bacon people – and the leftover over-crispy bacon seemed to be the perfect reason to add this breakfast casserole to our menu.

It couldn’t have been easier to assemble. The hard part is that it has to cook for 2 hours on high or 4 hours on low. That makes it a hard breakfast meal because it requires waking up really early to start it and it makes it a hard dinner meal because you’d have to be home during the day to start it.


Pizza & Smoothies

Does anyone else agree that Domino’s reward program where you get points for each ORDER (vs. each pizza) is dumb?

Moving on…..

Easy Smoothie Recipe

  • Liquid (I try to find one with veggies that’s not loaded with sugar)
  • Yogurt (we mix plain greek & plain vanilla)
  • Spinach or Kale
  • Frozen Fruit (partially thawed)


Out To Eat

My husband and I took a day just the two of us to do some shopping and and our Annual Goal Planning.


Snacky Supper

Otherwise known as fruit & veggie prep for the week disguised as supper. Or junk food disguised as a meal.

Snacky Supper came from my determination to not be so crabby that the weekend was ending. And it is a tradition that is here to stay.

Our current Snacky Supper Menu Consists Of:

  • Meat & Cheese & Crackers
  • Veggies & Hummus
  • Fruit
  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Mozzarella Sticks (from the freezer section)
  • Queso & Tortilla Chips

Do you have a meal that you do the same every week and has become a tradition in your house?

Annual Goal Planning

Annual Goal Planning ::

I like to think that I’m not a resolution person, but I think it’s just semantics. I don’t want to say that I make resolutions because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do and that’s what everyone does. If there are two things that I’m not fond of, it’s doing what you’re “supposed” to do and doing what everyone else does.

Whatever you want to call it, planning ahead is never a bad thing.

Each year, my husband and I sit down and think through things that we’d like to accomplish over the next year. Individually, as a couple, as a family, in our home, in our spiritual lives and in our professions.

Annual Goal Planning

1. Identify Accomplishments

Think through the previous 365 and highlight what worked. What worked really well and how you and your family are better for it.

This not only starts you off with the right attitude, but it also gives you a springboard for where to start for the upcoming year.

2. Identify Pain Points

When you step back and take a look at your life, what needs to change? Don’t say everything.

You can start with everything, but then list what “everything” includes.

Annual Goal Planning ::

3. Turn Those Accomplishments & Pain Points into SMART Goals

SMART goals are a business tool, but using this acronym to establish goals in your personal life can be the difference between accomplishing those goals and wishing that you had.

SMART Goals are:


Annual Goal Planning ::

Each goal that you make should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely. Using those parameters, look at your list of accomplishments and pain points and choose which of those become your goals for the upcoming year.

Use these free printables (Accomplishments & Pain Points and Goals) and keep them in a place where you see them often.

I keep our goals in the front pocket of my planner so that I have easy access to it and can check periodically to see what progress we’ve made or are making.

Annual Goal Planning ::

What do you find to be the hardest part of achieving the goals that you set? How would writing them down and keeping them visible help?


Currently ::

I Am Currently…..


This pullover.

It’s all over the internet and goes on sale occasionally, sells out frequently and is restocked almost as frequently.  If they don’t have it in your size or color, wait.  They will.  The sell-outs usually line up with when it goes on sale (best price I’ve seen is 50% off).  My patience paid off, so yours should too.

It is the warmest and most comfortable thing I’ve worn in a long time.  I’ve started wearing it as part of a “normal” outfit, but I also put it on in the evenings to warm up before I go to bed.  It’s like pre-pajamas.  

Currently Wearing - Abercrombie Assymetrical Pullover ::


Oh Crap! Potty Training

Exciting, right?  Real life, my friend.  Real.Life.

Our five year-old essentially potty trained herself, so not only do I have no clue how to potty train, I also have astronomically unrealistic expectations.  A friend recommended it to me because they were in a similar situation and she found it to be really helpful.

I’m so hoping that that’s the case for us as well.  


Protein & Veggie Loaded Black Bean Avocado Salad ::

This black bean and avocado salad.

It’s a shameless plug, but it’s the truth. 

We’ve had a number of appetizer potluck Christmas parties recently, and I brought this salad to a few of them so that I could give myself at least one healthy option.

Before this, it had been a few months since I’d made this salad, and I forgot how good it is.  


Mad About You.

Yep.  The sitcom from twenty years ago.  I watched it when it was on originally, and it is even more funny to me now.  

I love to have a “background show” – a TV show that can play in the background while I’m doing things that require little thought.  A background show has to be one that I’ve seen before so that when I miss parts, I’m not lost.

This show is SO FUNNY.  If you never watched, start now.  See why Helen Hunt won, like, 16 Emmy awards.


Currently Loving - Yeti 14 oz. Tumbler ::

The Yeti rambler mug.

My daughter, trying her hardest to be helpful with preparations for Thanksgiving dinner offered to dry dishes.  Super sweet, but ended with her dropping my ceramic to-go mug on the floor and it shattering in pieces all over the floor.  (No one was harmed).

My husband received a Yeti tumbler for his birthday last year and I’ve used it a couple times.  It almost does too good of a job keeping drinks warm.  I tried to drink my tea AN HOUR after brewing it and it still burnt my mouth.

This mug is great because it is transportable but also works great at home when you don’t have to go anywhere.  I can’t tell you how long it keeps my coffee hot because I always finish it while it’s still hot.  But that’s usually an hour after brewing it.


That we are reaping the benefits of our efforts to simplify the holidays.  

I am honestly enjoying all of the festivities (of which there haven’t been an overwhelming amount) and find myself excitedly anticipating Christmas instead of dreading that there isn’t enough time to get everything done.

This has been a real lesson learned.

Home Filing System

Home Filing System - Color coded folders for categories ::

I’m one of those people that starts my taxes on January 1st.  The earlier that I can get it done, the better.

We almost always have a significant refund coming our way, so there’s that motivation.  (Spare me the lecture on lending the government my money for free.  We like it this way.)

A huge hurdle in the tax paperwork prep is having an organized system for ALL the papers.

I got the main idea for the way we organize our home filing system from A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I started with her main ideas and tweaked it for what we have and what we need.

Sidenote: This is a great way to approach the blogosphere in general.  View others’ content not as a standard or something to be carbon copied, but rather as a starting off point to be reworked for you.

Home Filing System Game-Changers

Home Filing System - Monthly folders for paid bills ::

1 – Monthly Folders for Paid Bills

We used to have a folder for each account or bill (ex: Mortgage, cable, electric, etc.).  

This meant that at the beginning of each month, I would go through each account folder and throw away the bill in that folder from twelve months ago.

Can you say tedious?

Now, at the beginning of the month, I pull out that month’s folder and shred bills from twelve months ago and start fresh for the current year.  

When a bill gets paid, that bill is put in that month’s folder.  

It’s easier for me to grab one folder and put all the paid bills in there vs filing each individual bill in a different folder.  

Home Filing System - Color coded folders for categories ::

2 – Color Coded Folders

As you can see, I still used the plain folders that I already had because it seemed wasteful to me to purchase all new folders for everything when these worked fine.

But, each of the manila folders are in categories, which are marked in the colored, tabbed hanging files.

Color coding these categories gives me a quick, at-a-glance way to see where stuff is.  


  • Folder for each month for paid bills  
  • Folder for each billing account
  • Folder for each credit card account
  • Folder for each loan account
  • Folder for each account/loan that has been paid off (I wish there were many more of these folders……)


  • Folder for each employer
  • Folder for each retirement account
  • Folder for current year tax deduction receipts
  • Folder containing previous year’s tax information


  • Folder for each vehicle
  • Folder for auto insurance policies
  • Folder for each house we’ve owned
  • Folder for homeowner’s insurance policy 
  • Folder for each life insurance policy
  • Folder for each warranty account


  • Folder for health insurance policy
  • Folder for each person’s health records
Home Filing System - Color coded folders for categories ::

I would LOVE to have five different colors (for five different categories), but the box of three colors was half of the price, so I made due.  #storyofmylife

3 – Know What to Keep & What to Throw

Generally, we defer to not keeping things.  Go with the view that most information, when necessary, can be accessed online or by calling a representative/agent.

For example, Health Insurance benefit summaries.  They can be longer than some novels.  Why store them?  We always end up calling our insurance agent for clarification about what is and what isn’t covered even when we dig out and read the gargantuan summaries.

What documents do you struggle to know what to keep and what to throw?

And, because I will get asked about storing tax paperwork, tax information from 2+ years ago is stored elsewhere in a safe.  I keep the previous two years in our desk so that I can access it easily and quickly.

Home Filing System - Ikea custom desk ::

Our desk system is from Ikea.  Each of the sides are the Alex units with drop file storage and the middle drawers are the Alex unit on casters (or, in our case, not on casters).  The desktop is the Linnmon Tabletop.

I would love to have the Pottery Barn lateral filing system that A Bowl Full of Lemons uses, but our Ikea option was a fraction of the cost and it gives us loads of works space.

The file drawer on the right side (underneath the computer) houses files for Bills, Accounts, Incomes & Taxes (Green & Red).  The file drawer on the left side houses Automobile, Home, Insurance & Health records.  These files don’t need to be accessed often and more for storage and reference than frequent use.

It’s 2018, so I pay most of our bills at our computer.  In deciding which files would go where, I chose the files that had anything to do with bill paying to be in the drawer nearest to the computer.  The other files went way, way far away – to the other end of the desk.

Home Filing System ::

What’s the hardest part of paper storage for you?  I’m curious to know if anyone has gone fully digital. Is that possible?

P.S. Check out how we manage the influx of mail and papers each day.  And what we did with all of our owner’s manuals.