Favorite Kitchen Organizing Products

Products are not the solution to our disorganization (More about that here). That being said, there are circumstances when a great product can be just what you need.

Almost always, those circumstances arise AFTER you’ve done the hard work of going through your stuff and keeping only what you NEED and USE.

Regardless of how big your kitchen is or how much storage space you do or don’t have, a product that helps to maximize that space and make it function at a higher level is worth the investment.

Best Kitchen Organization Products :: maximizingdaysblog.com

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Favorite Kitchen Organizing Products

1 – Expandable Pantry Shelf – This creates a custom-built feature and maximizes space while keeping products visible. It can be used in pantries or cupboards.

2 – Lazy Susan – These make hard to reach places (like back corners of cupboards) accessible.

3 – Shelf Riser – These utilize vertical space without having to next small items into larger items.

4 – In-Drawer Knife Tray – It can be tempting to buy more of something for less. But then you have what you don’t need. This is often the case with knife sets that come in a block. The block is counter clutter and most of the knives don’t get used. Find the knives that you use most often and pare down (get it?) to just those.

5 – Multi-Purpose Bins – Don’t be surprised if you see these on every graphic in this series. These bins are so multi-purpose that I had the hardest time finding them in The Container Store because they can go in EVERY room. See how they save my life in our bottom drawer freezer.

6 – Rectangular Canisters – These are a cost-effective dupe for the very popular (but pricey!) Oxo Pop Containers. These canisters are the only reason that we can live with one small cupboard and no pantry.

What am I missing? What your favorite kitchen organizing product?

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