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These workout tights.

The search is over. From here on out, I will buy no other workout bottoms. The moment that I tried them on, I knew there would be no other.

The fabric feels like butter. That sounds so silly, but I can’t think of a better way to describe it. They are light & breathable.

They have just the right amount of compression, so they stay put, but don’t show too much. I ran an entire 5K and didn’t have to adjust or pull the pants up once. That never happens for me.

The only reason that I ordered white was because that was the only color on sale (and on sale with an additional discount is the only way that I can afford Athelta). You cannot see through them. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it is.


Suffering by Paul David Tripp

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I said I was reading this book a few months ago.

And I was.

Then I wasn’t.

I got a few chapters in and didn’t pick it up again. But I decided that it is going to be the book that I read for the month of February, so I am determined to read it.

It is really good and I highlight recommend it. But it is a hard read. It is hard, raw truth.

And it will be a miracle if I actually finish it by the end of the month.


Lemon Blueberry Bread from Tastes Better From Scratch

Each week, my husband and I have an at-home date night and we take turns planning the evening. A few weeks ago, my husband suggested that we bake a new recipe together, and I dug this one up from the caverns of Pinterest. I’ve had this recipe pinned for over eight years and just tried it.

Do yourself a favor and don’t wait eight years to make this bread.

It is delicious and would be a special breakfast treat or an evening snack.


Fixer Upper.

I’m well aware that I’m five years late on this trend.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the show by any means, but I was sick last week and binged 2 seasons and loved every single second.

I hate being cliche and loving what everyone else loves, but I can’t help myself with this show. It is just so darn enjoyable.



I’ve wanted a Roomba vacuum since I was in college. I wish I was kidding about this, but I’m not.

The battery on our cordless Dyson is dying a slow death and can no longer last long enough to vacuum our entire upstairs, so it was time to replace it.

After an embarrassing amount of research, we decided to go with the robotic vacuum. We still have the Dyson and use it for all of the other tasks that don’t involve vacuuming our floors on a daily basis.

I’ve been saving Target gift cards and gift money for the last year and pooled it all together when Target ran a sale on Roomba and made the purchase. Yes, you read that right. I saved my money and gift cards to purchase a vacuum. And I have zero shame about it.

We have really dark wood floors that show everything, so this press a button, walk away and come back to clean floors thing is AWESOME.


It’s time to add a ‘Listening’ category to this little installment.

Frankly, I’m a more avid listener than I am a watcher or a reader.

As evidenced by my earlier reading category, I don’t always read or watch something new each month. But I listen to a new podcast every month. Or every week.

I just started listening to Throughline and it is fantastic.

Are you a fan of podcasts? What are your favorites?

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