Cleaning Schedule vs. Cleaning Day

Which is Better? Cleaning Schedule vs. Cleaning Day ::

There are three ways to clean:

  1. All at once
  2. A little bit at a time
  3. Not at all

If you’ve owned up to your adult responsibilities and decided that #3 isn’t an option, how do you decide which way is best?

Before you answer ‘How’, answer ‘Why’.

Why do you clean your house? Obligation? Guilt? To make your house homey and enjoyable? So that people think you have it all together when they come over?

Why you clean your house matters more than How or When.

The ‘why’ is rooted in your attitude, which is a much more effective motivator than the “right” method.

I don’t enjoy cleaning. I never have. But it’s a means to an end.

That “end” is taking good care of what we have. I’m grateful for our home and one way that I show that gratitude is by taking good care of it.

So, is it better to clean all at once or a little bit at a time?

Short Answer – It depends.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. What method works bet for you depends more on your personality and routine than anything else.

Cleaning Routine vs. Cleaning Day ::

Examine the pros and cons list. Weigh your priorities. What matters more to you?

Having an entirely clean house or getting your cleaning done quickly?

Having a “break” from cleaning or not being overwhelmed by cleaning the house all at once?

By answering these questions first, you can choose which method of cleaning will work best for you.

Which is Better? Cleaning Schedule vs. Cleaning Day ::

Our family’s schedule recently changed, which caused me to switch from a cleaning routine to a cleaning day. After a few months of this new pattern, I can honestly say that no one way is better than the other. However, each method has been the right fit for that time in our lives, which makes each of them a right choice.

Don’t be afraid to try something and, if it doesn’t work, try something else. That doesn’t mean that you failed. It just means that you haven’t yet found the best way.

Read more about creating a cleaning schedule here. If it’s helpful to see what mine looked like, use this as a guide.

How to Create a Customized Cleaning Routine that Works for You ::

My current method of doing all of my cleaning in one day means that these are the tasks that get done on a weekly basis. It is a lot, and I don’t enjoy doing it, but I sure do enjoy walking away when it’s all complete and knowing that I don’t have to touch that cleaning caddy for another six days….

Cleaning Routine vs. Cleaning Day ::
Cleaning Routine vs. Cleaning Day ::

P.S. See how I clean my entire kitchen in less than 20 minutes – because if I’m cleaning my entire house, I don’t want cleaning my kitchen to take the entire day.

Follow along with my cleaning day this Monday, January 14th on Instagram Stories to see how I break down the tasks and get all of my cleaning done for the week in a couple hours.

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