Simple DIY Advent Calendar

Simple DIY Advent Calendar ::

Yes.  You read that correctly.  I am showing YOU how to do a DIY project.

If you look outside, I think you’ll also see pigs flying.

What’s the DIY mantra?  ‘Why buy something when you can make it yourself?’  I live by the opposite mantra.  ‘Why take the time and effort to make something when you can buy it?’ And if I can’t afford to buy it, I guarantee that I can’t afford to make it because I will mess up the first three attempts and end up buying enough supplies that I spend more than I would have if I would have just purchased it in the first place.

Full disclosure, I came to this DIY project begrudgingly. I wanted an Advent calendar, but couldn’t find one that really focused on waiting.

Not on waiting impatiently for presents, but rather, on preparing our hearts for the coming of a Savior.

I had just about given up last year when I found this little countdown banner (similar) in the Christmas section at Target for $5.  The backside of each number card is blank and I decided to use that as the teaching part of this little exercise.

I googled “Christmas Hymns” and found a list of 20 of them.  While waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, sitting amongst my kids’ crayons, I grabbed the cards and wrote each of the hymn titles on a card and picked my five favorites to write twice.  My daughter “helped” by adding her scribbles.

Simple DIY Advent Calendar ::

Breakfast is our family meal, so we start breakfast each morning with this banner.  One of our kids grabs the card with the number of how many days it is until Christmas.  We search on the iPad for that hymn on You Tube.

While eating breakfast, we listen to a song about the birth of Jesus.  Sometimes we sing along, sometimes I pause and take note of the powerful lyrics.  Rarely everyone is listening all at once.

Nothing about this is perfect.  Not the banner, the singing (or lack thereof) or the artwork.

But it achieves it’s purpose.  As we count down the days until we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we fill our home with the promises that God gives us in His Son.  Each day starts with a reflection on what it means that God left heaven to come (as my one of my favorite hymns says) “To raise the sons of earth, Born to given them second birth.”

Simple DIY Advent Calendar ::

Simple DIY Advent Calendar How To

  1. Buy a countdown tool.  Or, if you’re an over-achiever, make one.  For slackers like me, a few options include these cute mittens, a wall hanging with pockets, galvanized little buckets or these adorable stockings.
  2. Write a hymn title on each countdown piece.  Of if it’s a material that can’t be written on (buckets or felt stockings), write the titles on little slips of paper and stick them inside.

That’s it.  Easiest DIY EVER.  Which is the only reason that I did it.

Don’t let perfection be the goal.  Or the standard.

Let this be a tool that brings your family closer together as you wait.  Use it to teach that waiting is good.

And don’t worry about the imperfect handwriting in crayon.  In a few years, your grown children will laugh with you about it.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Simple DIY Advent Calendar ::

P.S.  Technically, you could say that I have another Christmas craft tradition as well, but I like to call it organizing.  And, since one of the joys of Christmas is giving presents, you should start with an organized gift wrap station.

  • Erin Port
    November 28, 2018

    I love this idea. Such a simple way to celebrate the season!

  • Amanda
    November 30, 2018

    I’m excited to add in singing to our December advent! What a great way to start the morning-worshiping our Savior.

    • Kristin
      November 30, 2018

      Thanks so much! I saw your idea and loved it! I’ve always shied away from the christmas book thing because I thought it involved buying 25 new books every year. I love how you use books you already have!
      And the tags are super cute!

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