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My plaid infinity scarf (similar).

Scarves are a necessity here in the tundra.  But, they’re also a way to kick up an otherwise  boring outfit.

Yesterday, I wore jeans and a long-sleeve tee.  BORING.  But by simply adding the scarf, it looked a little more put together.  And I was cozy.

Infinity scarves are my favorite.  I’m sure that you’re not surprised to hear that I’ve always struggled with how to correctly tie a scarf, so when the work is done for me, I’m all in.


Suffering by Paul David Tripp.

I saw this on a friend’s kitchen counter and mentioned that I’d wanted to read it.  The next time I saw her, she handed it to me.

I can’t put it down.  And I’m not a fast reader.  Or a finisher of books, for that matter.  But this is different.

Paul David Tripp is one of my favorite authors (I highly recommend his devotional New Morning Mercies) and in Suffering, he tells the story of his personal suffering with physical illness and the journey he is on in dealing with that ongoing pain.  He writes about it in an authentic way that is equally heart-breaking and refreshing.

At the risk of breaking some copyright laws, let me just share with you this paragraph:

“Scripture never looks down on the sufferer, it never mocks his pain, it never turns a deaf ear to his cries, and it never condemns him for his struggle.  It presents to the sufferer a God who understands, who cares, who invites us to come to him for help, and who promises one day to end all suffering of any kind once and forever.  Because of this, the Bible, while being dramatically honest about suffering, is at the same time gloriously hopeful.  And it’s not just that the Bible tells the story of suffering honestly and authentically; it also gives us concrete and real hope.” – Suffering, Paul David Tripp


Sausage and Kale Soup from the Magnolia Table cookbook.

I’m making my way through that cookbook, and as I was flipping pages, my daughter saw a picture of this soup and told me that I should make it.  So, I did.

She didn’t eat a single bite.

But it was delicious and I ate quite a few bites.

I also made the Tomato Soup from the same cookbook and it was not to my liking.  There was nothing wrong with the recipe, just a personal preference.  I feel the need to note this publicly because, so far, I’ve raved about every other recipe that I’ve tried in that cookbook!


The Blacklist.

YOU GUYS.  This show is SO GOOD.

I remember when this show premiered thinking that it looked good and that it would be something that I would enjoy.  I was obsessed with the show Alias back in the day and The Blacklist seemed to have the same kind of mystery and intrigue that I loved.

But I never actually tuned it to watch The Blacklist.  Until now.  It is the definition of binge-worthy.  I can’t get enough of it.


My new Pottery Barn Cozy Cable Knit Throw.

This is one of those things that I’ve wanted and had on my Christmas list for a decade.  And I got it last week thanks to a huge sale and a generous husband.

It is just as good as you think it’s going to be.  Soft cable knit on top and the coziest fleece-y stuff underneath.  I snuggle up with it on the couch in the evening and then take it with me to our bed.  It’s the best blanket I’ve ever had.


That I want to find a really good Advent countdown to do with our family.  Got any suggestions?

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