Spring Cleaning The Coat Closet

One of my favorite times of year is the day when I get to pack away all of our winter gear.  Winter is just sooooo loooooong in Minnesota and all of the boots, parkas, hats and mittens take up a lot of space.  So, the reality of not having to add a thick layer to three people in order to get out the door is cause for me to throw a party.  And for me, that party is taking all of the stuff and packing it away in an unreachable spot for five months (fingers crossed, knock on wood, my lips to God’s ears, and whatever else it take to make that true).

Taking all of this stuff out of the closet is the perfect time to clean out the closet and re-organize it.  Here’s the state of the closet when I started:

Before spring cleaning

It’s a hot mess.  Coats and boots shoved in a space that’s too small, toys in a location that’s too high to reach, bags falling off of shelves.  It’s not ideal, to say the least.

Before spring cleaning


Before spring cleaning

This closet is meant to be a coat closet, but we don’t have any other storage on this level other than bedroom closets, so it serves multiple purposes.  There is some kitchen storage overflow (the kitchen is adjacent to this closet) along with some of the kids craft supplies that they use at the kitchen counter.

I started the process by emptying the entire closet’s contents.  Winter gear got brought to our basement storage, garbage got trashed and piles were re-organized.  I took the opportunity to clean the floors and shelves while it was empty.

Coat closet spring cleaning - take everything out, wipe down shelves and clean floors

Look at all of that promise.  So much space to fill.

I started by putting the shoe rack (with summer shoes moved to the top!) and spring coats back in.  We don’t currently have a junk drawer (that will come with the addition to our house), so that drawer organizer is housed in this closet.  I moved it to a shelf where the contents are at eye level so that I can find things more quickly when I need them.  Our bags, which are used on a daily basis, also snagged the prime real estate that is the center shelf.

My husband’s one request was that his shoes be on a shelf where he doesn’t have to reach high or low for them, so I worked around those parameters.  The bin with the kids’ hats and gloves stays in here until the end of May because #Minnesota, but I am counting down the days until I can take that gear to the basement.  The other bin includes outdoor summer stuff including umbrellas, sunscreen and our outdoor wireless speaker.

I don’t clean our floors as often as I should, so it wasn’t necessary that those supplies (housed in the diaper box) be easily accessible, which is why they landed on the top shelf.  My husband’s lunch box gets stored on the top shelf because he’s tall and can easily set it up there and get it down.

After spring cleaning

One request that I had when we moved into this house was that we put an outlet in the closet so that our cordless vacuum could be in an easily accessible spot where it could charge.  My husband is awesome and made that happen.

Coat Closet - After spring cleaning

Soon and very soon, most of these coats will find a new home.  I.can’t.wait.

After spring cleaning

The end product is a much less crowded and more efficient use of the space.

Spring cleaning coat closet organization

What is the hardest part about keeping this closet in your home organized?

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