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I have a love/hate relationship with our Keurig.  I love that I can easily and quickly make my one cup of coffee each day.  I hate how bulky the pods are to store and the waste they create after being used.  I haven’t come up with a solution for the waste part, but I’ve found a means of storage that works pretty well.

We’ve all seen these pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, and while they’re cute, it’s not sensible enough for me.

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I don’t have the space for a “coffee station” and I don’t feel like my one cup of coffee a day justifies the space the station takes.  Add to that the need to have all the “gear” (mugs & spoons) separate from all my other dishes (translation: annoying to put away when unloading the dishwasher), and it’s just not my thing.

When we bought our Keurig, my husband immediately started looking online for pod storage.  In his sensible nature, he started with the standard countertop options (a drawer option and a stand option).  There’s a reason that most people who own a Keurig use one of these, but I did not like them.  They seemed inefficient to me, but most of all, I didn’t want something on my countertop.  I hate countertop clutter.  Sure, it doesn’t start out as clutter – i.e. appliances, utensil crocks, decorations – but the totality of it once it all takes up precious countertop realty becomes clutter in my mind.  Add that to the fact that those storage systems don’t allow for flexibility of storage and that they don’t store anything else except the pods, and they were vetoed.

But we still didn’t have a solution.  So, our temporary solution became keeping the pods in their little boxes and keeping them in a cupboard.  Talk about inefficient.

Until I found this post on a blog to which I subscribe, I Heart Organizing.

I’m not sure why this stuck out to me in a way that so many similar things I’d seen hadn’t, but I really liked the idea of using a general purpose container to store the pods.  Her storage of a few items in the small bowl in her cupboard above the coffee station was the real light bulb moment for me.

I Heart Organizing

Instead of a glass jar, I could repurpose an old basket that I had and I could put that in the cupboard next to the mugs.  The basket would fit a lot more pods, of varying types, than separate K-Cup boxes, and they could all be easily accessed.  The basket would also efficiently store hot chocolate packets as well.  Storing it next to the mugs would mean having everything in close proximity to the Keurig itself, which means that I had everything that I needed.  It doesn’t look like a Pinterest-worthy coffee station because 2/3 of it isn’t visible, but it does exactly what I need.

Please forgive the unfinished drywall behind the Keurig.  The white subway tile backsplash is the last project for the kitchen.  But, because it is purely aesthetic, it has taken a back seat on the priority list to many other more pressing projects.

I’ve used this storage method for two years in four different residences, and it has worked really well.  I keep extra pods (mixed together) in one big box in a lower drawer and refill it every couple of weeks.

Nothing fancy or mind-blowing, but like most storage solutions, it’s the simple ones that are best.

What methods have you found that work well for storing K-Cups?

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