Daily To Do Printable

I posted a picture on Instagram yesterday of a printable that I use each day to keep track of life.  I had a few inquiries as to whether it is available on the blog, so here it is.

Feel free to print it and use it.  It has been a game-changer for me.


Each night, I try to plan for and think through the next day.  That involved checking our calendar, looking at what meals were planned, checking the weather and going through my list of to-do’s on my Wunderlist app.  I created this sheet as a way to have all of that information in one place for each day.  I still use all four of those apps to gather all of the information and get it written down.  But then I have it all in one, central location for the day.  It simplifies everything for me.

I also want to be better about setting goals, which is why that’s at the top.  But, I’m discovering that I don’t know the difference between goals and tasks, so that part is usually blank for me.  Any insight on that would be appreciated.  🙂

Let me know if this is helpful or if there are other sections that may make this better.

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