Organizing 101: Use Uniform Storage Systems

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for going out and buying all kinds of new stuff.  Hear these words as a “from here on out….”

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It just looks so pretty.  In addition to looking good, uniformity in container size allows you to utilize spaces better.  It is also ideal for stacking, as uniform containers are made to fit on top of one another.  It also helps maximize storage space in areas where shelves are adjustable.  When containers are all the same height, you can fill the entire space by making the shelf above the containers just above the lid.

Whenever it is possible, use the same type of storage system. This does not mean that you should get rid of all the containers you have now and go buy all new.  Use what you have already and, as often as possible, use uniform containers in the same space.

There will, however, inevitably come a time when you need to purchase more containers.  Think ahead employ this idea from now on.

Choose 3-4 different sizes (ex. shoebox, small bin & large bin).  My favorite small bins are these.  I use them in in our house.  They are cheap and versatile and timeless.  I’ve been buying them over the course of ten years, so the colors of my lids don’t match, but that’s not something that bothers me.  For storage totes, these are my go-to.  We have them in 10, 14 & 18 gallons.  They stack wonderfully and hold up well.

Buy them in bulk – WAY more than what you need at the time – and keep your extras for the inevitable stuff that you will need to store in the future.    When we moved this summer, instead of buying boxes, we bought a few dozen of the 18 gallon totes and now we have a stack of empty totes in the garage for when we need them.

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