Organizing 101: Corral Small Items & Don’t Fill Containers

It’s two-for-one day here on the blog.  Two Tips.

They are both easy, quick-fixes that will make an immediate impact.

Use containers to corral small items.  Here are some examples of how we do this in our house and why they work:

Little girl hair ties are THE WORST.  Tiny.  Translucent.  You can’t grab just one.  This is a shallow Rubbermaid leftover container that fits in the drawer with her other hair stuff.

In our old house, the corn on cob picks were the bane of my existence.  These versatile drawer organizers are perfect for gathering together those little things, and not using a ton of drawer space to do it.  They also contain the toothpicks perfectly.

I’ve had this little drawer organizer since I was in high school.  It’s been used in bathroom & desk drawers in three states and eleven residences.  It creates spots for easily lost and cluttered items like hair ties, bobby pins (notice the paperclip holder that corrals the bobby pins #thankyourealsimple), fingernail clippers, Fitbit charger and contact lenses.  It also creates a spot for hair brushes.

This box was from a perfume gift set.  Those things are pure gold.  They are super sturdy.  In this case, it works perfectly in Wyatt’s sock drawer.  Those little socks get lost so easily, but this box keeps them on their side of the drawer.

These drawer organizers from Ikea are made to fit perfectly in their furniture (we have the Hemnes dresser).  Whenever possible, containers that fill the entire space they’re in are best because there’s no wasted space.

In our pantry, this bin contains all of the little stuff.  Taco seasoning packets, soup packets, and jell-o boxes.  I also have it on the highest shelf that I can barely reach because I can reach the basket handle easily.

When organizing and putting items in containers, make sure that you leave space for growth.  You are always going to add to what you have, so you need to account for that.  If you fill a container at the onset,  you are setting yourself up to not be able to continue with the organizing process you just started.  Oftentimes, this is after purging, so, theoretically, this is the time when you will have the least amount of this item.

Notice how each of the containers that I have pictured above aren’t over flowingly full.  This makes all the difference in keeping things sorted.

If you’re organizing your dresser and after purging and sorting, your shirt drawer is completely full, don’t leave it that way.  Either purge more or spread shirts out to two drawers in order to allow yourself to add more shirts to the drawer.  Because you just know you will.  It’s human nature.

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