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When you’re pregnant, you hear people say “kids grow out of clothes so fast.”

They’re right.

I thought my daughter grew out of clothes quickly, but it’s nothing compared to the rate at which my son grows out of clothes.  He was 10 lb. 5 oz. when he was born and, remarkably, fit into newborn clothes for the first week of his life.  He wore both 3 months and 6 months sizes for just over one month each.  He just turned 3 months old and I filled his drawers with all the 9 month clothes we had.  I am professional drawer emptier and refiller.  #nosuchthing

I’ve tried a couple different systems to manage the kids’ clothes transitions  and one that I found that works best is what I call ‘Grow Into & Grow Out of Bins’.

Here’s how it works.

Grow Into Bin

Create a ‘Grow Into’ bin for each child.  As you acquire clothes (as gifts or that you purchase when you find them off-season and cheap!) that are too big for that child, store them in this bin.  Once they grow out of one size and move up to the next, start in this bin to see what you already have.  Go from there to assess what else you need in order for your child to not walk around naked.

I store our ‘Grow Into’ bins in the garage because I don’t want to waste closet space with something that I only access seasonally.  Where you store it is more of a personal preference.  What’s important is knowing where it is and easily being able to access it.

Organizing & Storing Kid Clothes - Keep bins to collect clothes that they will grow into ::

Grow Out Of Bin

Create an ‘Outgrown’ Bin for each child.  As a child outgrows clothes, throw them in the ‘Outgrown’ bin.  When I say throw, I mean throw.  Don’t overthink it or worry about folding or stacking.

Organizing & Storing Kid Clothes - Keep a bin in their closet to collect outgrown clothes ::

When the bin is full or you reach the point where everything that you have of a certain size is in that bin, then you can organize it.  Empty the bin, sort and fold the clothes.  Pack them away, label the bin and put in storage.

Organizing & Storing Kid Clothes ::

Most of the time, I swear by doing things a little bit at a time rather than letting it become a big, overwhelming task.  But in this case, I’ve found that it works best to wait until I have everything all together that needs to be packed away.  I also try to fit as much in bins as possible, so, depending on how much of one size I have, it’s possible that one bin might have two sizes in it.  And there’s no way to know that until I have all of those sizes together.

Store these bins in the child’s room or closet so that you can you can easily throw items in there as you realize that the child has outgrown it.

Organizing & Storing Kid Clothes - Keep bins in their closet to collect outgrown clothes ::


One benefit of this system is that it will work indefinitely as the kids grow up.   I wonder if they’ll have ‘Grow Into’ and ‘Outgrown’ bins in their college dorm rooms…..

Organizing & Storing Kid Clothes ::


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