Friday Faves

On our brand new oven’s inaugural use, whatever I was making spilled over the sides and there is a huge mess in the bottom of our otherwise gorgeous oven.  This video came up on my Facebook feed last week, and I’m seriously considering trying it.  Can it possibly be this easy?

My friend, Angela, told me about this Instagram feed and I’m enjoying it.  I will warn you that it is one of those that can be intimidating.  Here’s my caution: this woman is a professional organizer.  She makes her living creating these spaces for people.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if your life and house don’t match these pictures, that you are doing something wrong.  DO look closely at the photos that first catch your eye and try to pick out the pieces that are most appealing to you.  Take one or two of those pieces and figure out how it can be done in your home or life.

My husband found a stellar deal on these boots on Black Friday.  I’ve lived in Minnesota for ten years and didn’t have real snow boots.  These last couple winters have been relatively temperate for Minnesota, so there have only been a handful of times when I’ve wished I had heartier footwear.  All the weather people are saying that this winter is going to be one for the record books, and if trends keep up, I think they’re right.  These boots are amazing.  Maybe too warm, if there’s such a thing.  If you’re looking to invest in quality winter boots, I highly suggest these.

I’ve been a fan of Paul David Tripp since hearing his teaching at a marriage retreat four years ago.  I’ve since purchased two of his books (What Did You Expect? and Parenting), of which I’ve started one and the other is, literally, collecting dust.  I borrowed Morning Mercies from a friend, and it is fantastic.  The first thing I do once both kids fall asleep, is open this book and read that day’s devotion.  At the end of each day’s reading, he has a scripture reference for further study, which I really appreciate.  I’m at a stage of life where finding time in God’s Word each day isn’t easy, so I’m really appreciating how this devotion is making the most of the 15 minutes I have set aside each day.


Friday Faves

We recently moved into a semi-renovated house.  I say semi because we have reached the point in the renovation where there house is inhabitable, but not at all finished.  We have no closet doors, towels are doubling as window coverings, the kitchen drywall is bare where there will someday be a white subway tile backlash, and our Dining Room and Living Room are the same small space as we wait to knock out a wall and add on what will be our Living Room.

The great part about the renovation is that the kitchen is complete (except for the aforementioned backsplash) and AMAZING.  We gutted the kitchen and started from scratch and the finished product is a dream.  We opted for upper cabinets on only one wall, which means that I had to be very judicious about what went in there.

My baking supplies did not make the cut.  They are in 3 drawers, which meant completely redoing how I organized them.  I opted for the Oxo Good Grips Pop containers and they are everything I hoped they would be and more.  They aren’t cheap, but they are absolutely worth every penny.  The easy pop lid makes getting into them quickly and doable with only one hand.  It also allows me to not have to pull containers out to get their contents.

I got lucky with the sizes of containers fitting in my drawer perfectly and that I had 30% off at The Container Store when I bought them.  Since moving in, I have discovered that I need a lot more of the small containers than I thought, so I am still waiting on a sale to purchase those.



Some people would have figured out how to print pretty fonts on the labels, but I don’t have time for that.  Or care that much.  I know what’s in the containers, so I’m happy.

On Black Friday, I finally caved and bought these stockings that I’ve been pining after for years.  I bought these stockings the Christmas after Josh and I got married and added the same one with our daughter’s initial after she was born.  I tried to do the same when our son was born, but Target didn’t make a stocking with the letter ‘W’.  I was annoyed and waited for this year, thinking that they would make one.  I was wrong.  So, when the email from Pottery Barn arrived in my InBox with 30% off stockings, I grabbed it.  I got two white stockings for Josh and myself and a red one for our daughter and a green one for our son.  I’m trying to decide if I will have them monogrammed with our names or if I just find letters and attach them.  The jury is still out on that one.

I love Christmas.  I love traditions.  Each year, I try to find the balance of doing special things that create memories for our family and keeping it simple and focused on what Christmas is.  I am working on our Family Advent To Do List.  Any suggestions for must-do’s?

I am intrigued by this.  I like the creative, anticipatory, memory-making part of Elf on a Shelf, but I’m not a fan of the “elf is watching you, so be good and you will get presents” message.  It looks like Star From Afar combines the tradition-creating aspect of Elf on the Shelf that is appealing to me with the concept of teaching our family what it means to wait and anticipate the coming of a Savior.

Through the month of December, I will be sharing little tips and tricks that I’ve found to help keep order in this month that can so easily become crazy and distract us from the true reason we celebrate.


Friday Faves

When I went home to visit Iowa last fall, my best friend from high school told me about Stroller Strides.  She had just bought a franchise and was teaching the classes.  I LOVE the idea of incorporating my kids into a regular work out.  I want so badly for someone in town to start this.  I would sign up so fast!

I mentioned a few months ago that I was loving the ‘She Reads Truth’ Instagram feed.  I didn’t know that there was so much more to it.  I just discovered the app, and am encouraged daily by their devotionals.  I specifically recommend the Hymns series that they have.  Fan.tas.tic.

This just cracks me up.  I’ve wanted a roomba since I was in high school.  Now I really want one.

I’ve been trying to find a good way to organize gift cards and I found this idea on Pinterest.  I thought it was worth a try, but it turns out that I can’t find these kind of photo albums anywhere.  I didn’t think about it until I walked into Target, but no one sells photo albums anymore.

My Facebook feed has been inundated lately with recipe videos and I’m a sucker for it every time.  This one is especially appealing.  Anyone tried it?


Mom life shirtSpeaking of things popping up on my Facebook feed lately, this shirt showed up a couple weeks ago and I laughed out loud when I read it.  I am not a novelty apparel kind of person (Iowa Hawkeye apparel excluded), but I could totally wear this.  With my leggings.  And my hair in a messy bun.  To Target.  As I spill my coffee on the shirt trying to carry a tantrum-prone two year-old and oversized infant into the store.  #themomlife

Friday Faves

I thought I’d share a few of my recent faves……

I’ve written of my love for all things Skip Hop in the past, and I’m pumped because I finally bought this back pack.  I’ve always thought it was the cutest thing, but I didn’t really have purpose for it.  Well, E has reached the age where I sometimes need to bring a few things to entertain her when we go places, and this back pack is the perfect size.  Plus, she LOVES wearing it.  I thought it was cute on it’s own.  On her back, it’s a million times cuter.  And it holds a TON of stuff.

This instagram feed is fantastic.  Every day, I find encouragement in it.

I haven’t purchased this (yet), but I’m thinking that this tool would be a perfect addition to my kitchen tools drawer.  I wonder if it works as well as they say it does….

I got this FitBit bracelet for Mother’s Day and I love it.  Now my FitBit feels and looks like an accessory and not just a black, plastic band on my arm.

My hair is getting a little thicker and it has more texture lately.  I love the good parts of pregnancy – here’s hoping that it doesn’t all fall out and give me bald spots again.  I’m finally able to not have to wash my hair every day, which I am loving.  However, I don’t really know how to style day-old hair.  I’m not a big you tube-er, but I’ve been watching quite a few of her hair tutorials lately.  My hair doesn’t look nearly as good as hers, but I’m making progress.

Speaking of hair tricks, I just discovered texturizing spray.

My daughter is about the easiest kid in the world, and I am ridiculously lucky.  I know this.  That being said, she has just entered the stage where when I ask her to do something, she shouts “No!” and runs away.  I’m not normally one for things with sayings, but this mug came across my instagram feed this week, and I totally wanted to get it.  I don’t have room in my mugs cupboard, so I didn’t, but I considered taking a screen shot and making it the lock screen on my phone.