Choosing Photos for a Gallery Wall

Choosing Photos for a Gallery Wall ::

I am decorating stupid.  My inability to decide what to put where is debilitating.

After living in our house for nearly 15 months, I finally started decorating.  I wanted to wait until all of our projects were finished, but then realized that that will never happen, so I might as well get on with it.

And I was met with my usual indecision.  A friend recommended ‘The Nesting Place‘ to me, which was incredibly helpful.

Read it.  It’s worth it.

But, I will sum it up by saying her main premise is the idea that ‘It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful’.

Progress over Perfection.  I talk about that concept all of the time when I’m helping people to organize their homes, but struggle with applying it to my own decor decisions.

Let’s make progress together.  Gather up your frames, sort through the 1000’s of pictures stored on your computer that have yet to be printed and let’s make our homes beautiful!

While I can offer zero design assistance, I can help make one part of the process go more smoothly for you.  Choosing which of those photos to put in your gallery wall.

How to Choose Photos for a Gallery Wall

1 – Find Inspiration

Whether it’s a general idea of what you’re looking for or you copy someone else’s creativity (that’s what I have to do), find something that you like and replicate it.

Find gallery wall inspiration ::


2 – Hang (Empty) Frames

Hanging frames before choosing the photos that will be in them may seem inefficient, but it allow you to make sure that you like the frame arrangement before purchasing the photos for them.  If you have the luxury of waiting before ordering photos, do that.

Hang empty frames before choosing photos to ensure that you like the layout ::


3 – Draw Frame Diagram

After you’ve established the pattern of the photo frames, draw out that arrangement.  This is solely for your own reference, so perfection is not at all needed here.  Just channel your inner-pre-schooler and draw some rectangles the way that they are hung on your walls.

a. Assign each photo a number.  It is helpful if they are chronological, but it not necessary

b. Write in the photo size (i.e. 5×7, 8×10, etc.)

c. Write in the orientation (Portrait or landscape)

Diagram gallery wall and assign number to each photo ::

4 – Use the Gallery Wall Photo Printable

Print the FREE printable here.

Each photo is a line on the printable.  Fill in the information for each photo.  If you are ordering prints for more than one gallery wall or area at one time, draw thick lines between photo groupings.Gallery Wall Photos ::

5 – Choose Photos

Use the constraints of the frames you have chosen.  Start with orientation; if you need a landscape photos, look through the landscape photos you have.  Or, if you have a portrait photo that you want in a landscape frame, see if it’s possible to crop the photo to change the orientation.

*If you already have printed photos that you may want to use, sort those by size and orientation.  When you get to step #5, start with your prints in choosing a photo.  On the printable, write in HAVE in the description column to remind yourself that it is not necessary to print a new one.

6 – Save Photo as it’s Assigned Number

Create a folder on your desktop.  As you choose a photo for each frame, save it in that folder as the number to which it has been assigned.

If you are doing more than one wall or area at a time, after choosing the photos, scroll through the photos in your folder as they are grouped.  This will give you an idea of how they will look as a cohesive group on your wall.

7 – Upload Photo Folder to Print

Reference the photo printable to choose which size of each photo to print.  This is easy to figure out because of the names of the files and the printable you already filled in.

Hit ‘Place Order’ and waste no time getting those bad boys in their frames once they arrive at your door step.

There is absolutely nothing “Pinterest-worthy” about this gallery wall.  But I LOVE it.  It’s at the bottom of our steps, so I see it multiple times a day.  And I don’t care that it’s not perfect.  I don’t see the imperfections (most of the time).  I see those beautiful, tiny, chubby-cheeked, blue-eyed faces.

Choosing Photos for a Gallery Wall ::


And I am overcome with gratitude for these people.

Being crippled by not having the perfect gallery wall frame arrangement or photo choices would mean missing out on seeing this every day.  That’s an easy choice.

Order the photos.

Choosing Photos for a Gallery Wall ::

Choosing Photos for a Gallery Wall ::

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