Summer Momiform

I wrote about my go-to outfit this spring, which was part of the catalyst for becoming a capsule wardrobe-er.  I have committed to the capsule wardrobe lifestyle and post my daily outfits on Instagram.  Because I post what I wear everyday, highlighting my summer momiform seemed slightly redundant, but for those who don’t follow the daily attire on Instagram, I thought I would keep with this new-found tradition.

My summer lifestyle is what I like to call tri-polar.  There are days where I’m going to be super active with my kids either biking or going for walks, which require tennis shoes and athleisure apparel.  I work one day a week in an office, where the attire is business casual, but where it’s my one chance to dress like a real grown up.  Most of my days are somewhere in between where I’m playing with my kids, but also running errands and getting stuff done around the house.

When I created my summer capsule wardrobe, I was intentional about having pieces in there that fit all three of these lifestyles.

My spring momiform was an outfit that I would have worn for all three of these lifestyles, but the summer heat doesn’t allow that, so I have three summer momiforms.

Summer Momiform: Athletic, Casual & Office apparel from a 45 piece capsule wardrobe -

Do you find that you wear the same thing every day in the summer?  Or do you switch it up?  For those of you who have a capsule wardrobe, do you find that living the capsule life means wearing the same thing more often?

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons.  I’ve already started to think about my fall capsule wardrobe and I’m ready for boots and scarves and pumpkin spice lattes.  But I will miss my chino shorts. If I had to pick one outfit to wear all summer for everything, it would be my casual outfit.  A comfy cotton tank, some JCrew chino shorts & my trusty Sanuk flip flops.  That’s summer comfort right there.

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