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Like most things in life, I came to the blog-reading party late.  It all started with Pinterest; finding some pictures that intrigued me, clicking on them and finding more where that one intriguing image came from.  I thought I’d share with you the blogs that I subscribe to and read regularly.  They are a mix of things of which I know nothing about and read to learn (i.e. beauty blogs) and topics like organizing, which are more up my alley.

One thing I will say about blogs is that they can easily become one more thing that make us feel insufficient.  We see these glimpses of people’s seemingly perfect whatever and want that.

Whenever that lie is sneaking into my head, I remind myself that it is just that.  A lie.

One blogger may make amazing meals for her family every night because that’s what she’s loves and she’s good at, but she’d be the first person to admit that she wears yoga pants every day and pulls her hair back in a pony tail.  And envies the beauty bloggers life and wants to be more like her.

And even if there is a blogger out there who seems to have every piece of their life together, we need to remember that what we see online is a well-curated slice of their life.  No one is perfect.  Accessible information on how to improve in areas of our life where we are lacking is a fantastic asset, but don’t let it become one more thing that weighs you down or makes you feel inferior.

Moral of the story:  Read blogs for encouragement and help.  And stop when they aren’t being either.

Now…. Onto the good stuff.

The Small Things Kate is a hair stylist by trade and stumbled upon blogging when she started putting styling tutorials on YouTube to help her clients.  I’ve linked to her blog a number of times before and eagerly await each of her posts.  They are almost always helpful.  I am not one to go out and buy something because I read about it on the internet.  That is, unless I read about it on The Small Things.  If she recommends it, I most likely have tried it.  I can be found many a day with the messy bun hairdo and have mastered the Fresh in Fifteen because of this woman.

Iowa Girl Eats I am absolutely convinced that Kristin is my soul mate.  Let’s start with her name is Kristin.  Spelled correctly.  And she lives in Iowa.  She lived in Minneapolis for a while and now resides in Des Moines.  And she can often be found donning Iowa Hawkeye apparel.  She is a food blogger whose recipes are gluten free.  She started when she found out she was gluten free and was frustrated with the lack of recipe options.  No one in our family is gluten intolerant, but there are a number of her recipes that are on a regular rotation in our household, including Thai Sticky Chicken Fingers and Baked Blueberry Almond Oatmeal Bars.

Twin Cities Mom Blog Truthfully, I don’t read every post on this blog.  Authors are a group of women from around the Twin Cities who write on a wide range of topics.  There is no lack of content on this blog, and there is, literally, something for everyone.  Well, everyone who is a Twin Cities (or greater Minnesota) Mom.  Reading this blog is especially enjoyable because of the different authors, which means there’s something new and different with each read.

I Heart Organizing Jen has an incredible gift to see a space and make it work.  She and her husband have done an entire kitchen remodel of which they have documented every step on the blog.  It’s been really fun to watch and her pantry can be credited with my inspiration to put our microwave somewhere other than above the stove or on a countertop.  She always has TONS of amazing photos of her projects, so you get a really good idea of the space and how it works.  Her blog is where I first learned about these containers which I adore and now use for just about everything.  She also does lots of DIY projects and is all about her organization being pretty (translation: lots of flowery drawer liners & scripty labels), which is so not my jam, but the way she uses spaces is incredibly helpful.

A Bowl Full of Lemons Toni is a legit blogger.  She has turned her blog into a full-fledged business, which includes a book entitled The Complete Book of Home Organization.  I have not read the book.  Even though I am ABFOL subscriber, I haven’t read much of her recent stuff.  Her archives, however, are a goldmine.  This woman has organized every.single.inch of her home and documented it on her blog.  There are any number of solutions in our home that have been inspired by an idea I read on this blog.

Those Pretty Pieces Laura is a fashion blogger who I’ve known since she was in high school.  She has an eye for clothes and what works.  I find her perspective helpful because she takes what I would call “normal” clothes (the stuff that fills 60% of our closets that we wear 90% of the time) and ups the ante with one slightly more trendy piece or accessory.  She is a stitch-fixer and documents her boxes.  They are always a fun read.

The Middle Girl Lauren and I have never met, but have many mutual friends.  In addition to her own blog, she is a contributor to the Twin Cities Mom Blog as well.  She recently left her corporate job to be a stay at home mom and is living my urban mom dream.  She mostly writes about fashion and is WAY more fashion forward than I could ever dream of being, but it’s fun to see how this “regular” girl pulls off outfits that I would laugh at on a mannequin in a store window.




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