Organizing 101: TBD Boxes

Today’s tips are easy ways to break down what can easily become overwhelming tasks.

TBD Boxes.  To Be Donated & To Be Delivered Boxes.

Keep a TBDonated box in your clothes closet.  Mine is a diaper box because we have lots of diaper boxes in this house.  This box sits on my closet floor and any time I try on a shirt that no longer fits or flip through that sweater that I haven’t worn in three years and finally admit that I’m never going to wear it again, it gets put in that box.  Once the box is full, I take it to Goodwill.

It’s hard enough to admit that something doesn’t fit or we’re not going to wear it anymore, but when those stars align and we finally come to grips with those realities, having that box right there gives you a spot for these items.  Without that, it’s just easier to put it back in the closet and then face having to make that hard decision again down the road when we’ve reached the point where we have to do a major closet purge.

Keep a TBDelivered box in your car.  Whenever you have something that needs to go somewhere (i.e. a pan returned to a friend, a return at a store, a gift for a relative), put it in that box in your car.  It provides a place for these items to gather so that they don’t get lost in the piles that so easily accumulate in high traffic areas.  Once the box is full is full, your errand is getting everything in the box to it’s place.

By keeping this box in your vehicle, you always have stuff that needs to be dropped with you when you’re driving around.  On the off chance that you remember that lasagna pan that needs to be returned as you drive past your friend’s house and have 2 extra minutes to stop and drop it off, it is with you.


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