New Year’s Resolve

It’s that time of year where it seems like you should evaluate life and resolve to make it better.  Just flip through this week’s Target ad and it will remind you that with a new year comes the opportunity to fix all the “problem areas” in your life.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, workout clothes and equipment, boxes and bins of all shapes and sizes, label makers and every kind of organization system are on sale this week.  And all you have to do is buy all of those items and you’ll be healthy, skinny and completely de-cluttered.

If only it were that easy……

I’m afraid that I can be of no assistance to you if your 2017 goal is to lose weight.  I exercise regularly, eat in moderation and my pants are still too tight.  So, if you’re looking for weight loss methods, click over to Pinterest and let me know what works for you.  I could use some help in this area.

However, if one of the areas of your life that you’d like to improve is instituting a little more order in your days, then this is a good place to be.

I get asked the question “how do I organize my life?” quite often.  And even though I’ve been asked the question many times, I still don’t have an answer.  That’s because there’s no one answer.  Not unlike many things (weight loss and health management included), there isn’t one universal checklist of to-do’s that will solve the problem.  There are, however, a few guiding principles that, when instituted, can help a person on their path to creating some order in their days.

I will spend the month of January going through those principles that I have found to be the most helpful in my life and as I’ve helped others.  These ideas can be applied to organizing spaces, schedules and habits.  They may even debunk of few ideas that you’ve thought would help you get where you want to be.

As much as ideas and principles are good things and can help with the broader problems, sometimes “theory” can just be annoying.  It often leaves me thinking, “Sure.  That sounds great.  But NOW WHAT?!”.  If you’re like me, and this series sounds to you like it will leave you feeling that way, don’t check out just yet.  Along with each week’s principle, I will also have hands-on practice or suggestion for implementing each idea.

As we ring in 2017, resolve to be encouraged, equipped and excited about bringing a little order into the new year.


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