Grow Into\Out Of Bins

I thought my daughter grew out of clothes quickly, but it’s nothing compared to the rate at which my son grows out of clothes.  He was 10 lb. 5 oz. when he was born and, remarkably, fit into newborn clothes for the first week of his life.  He wore both 3 months and 6 months sizes for just over one month each.  He just turned 3 months old and I filled his drawers with all the 9 month clothes we had.  I am professional drawer emptier and refiller.  #nosuchthing

I tried a couple different systems when my daughter was growing out of and into clothes and one that I found that works best is what I call ‘Grow Into & Grow Out of Bins’.

I keep a ‘Boy Grow Into’ and ‘Girl Grow Into’ bin in our basement storage and as we receive clothes as gifts or I find good deals on clothes that are bigger than their current size.  When they grow out of one size and into the next, I start in this bin to see what we already have in order to assess what else we need in order for the kiddos to be clothed.

In their closet, I keep a ‘Boy Outgrown’ and ‘Girl Outgrown’ bin and as they outgrow clothes, they get thrown in that bin.  When I say thrown, I mean thrown.  I don’t think about it or fold or stack.  When that bin is full or I know that all of one outgrown size is in there, the bin gets taken out and then clothes are sorted, folded and packed in a labeled bin and put in storage.

Most of the time, I swear by doing things a little bit at a time rather than letting it become a big, overwhelming task.  But in this case, I’ve found that it works best to wait until I have everything all together that needs to be packed away.  I also try to fit as much in bins as possible, so, depending on how much of one size I have, it’s possible that one bin might have two sizes in it.  And there’s no way to know that until I have all of those sizes together.

The other part of this system that I like is that it can be used indefinitely as the kids grow up.  I wonder if they’ll have ‘Grow Into’ and ‘Outgrown’ bins in their college dorm rooms…..


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