Friday Faves

I thought I’d share a few of my recent faves……

I’ve written of my love for all things Skip Hop in the past, and I’m pumped because I finally bought this back pack.  I’ve always thought it was the cutest thing, but I didn’t really have purpose for it.  Well, E has reached the age where I sometimes need to bring a few things to entertain her when we go places, and this back pack is the perfect size.  Plus, she LOVES wearing it.  I thought it was cute on it’s own.  On her back, it’s a million times cuter.  And it holds a TON of stuff.

This instagram feed is fantastic.  Every day, I find encouragement in it.

I haven’t purchased this (yet), but I’m thinking that this tool would be a perfect addition to my kitchen tools drawer.  I wonder if it works as well as they say it does….

I got this FitBit bracelet for Mother’s Day and I love it.  Now my FitBit feels and looks like an accessory and not just a black, plastic band on my arm.

My hair is getting a little thicker and it has more texture lately.  I love the good parts of pregnancy – here’s hoping that it doesn’t all fall out and give me bald spots again.  I’m finally able to not have to wash my hair every day, which I am loving.  However, I don’t really know how to style day-old hair.  I’m not a big you tube-er, but I’ve been watching quite a few of her hair tutorials lately.  My hair doesn’t look nearly as good as hers, but I’m making progress.

Speaking of hair tricks, I just discovered texturizing spray.

My daughter is about the easiest kid in the world, and I am ridiculously lucky.  I know this.  That being said, she has just entered the stage where when I ask her to do something, she shouts “No!” and runs away.  I’m not normally one for things with sayings, but this mug came across my instagram feed this week, and I totally wanted to get it.  I don’t have room in my mugs cupboard, so I didn’t, but I considered taking a screen shot and making it the lock screen on my phone.

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