‘Wish for It’ Pinterest Board

I am that person that always has a list of things that I would like.  I grew up in a family where you wrote wish lists for Christmas and your birthday, and I’ve carried on that tradition.  The other reason that I still make wish lists is because I am a terrible gift giver, and whenever it comes time to get someone something, I always wish that they had a list.  Some people say that it’s lazy, and maybe that’s a small part of it, but a bigger (in my opinion, the more selfless) part of it is that I want to make sure that I get the person something that they really want.  Add to this equation my inability to do subtlety, so unless someone explicitly says to me “This is what I want”, I won’t pick upon it.  Thus, I love when people have wish lists and I always have one to help out those who are generous enough to give me gifts.

With the advent of technology, I no longer write my lists and mail them – like I used to do when I was a kid.  I have created a board on Pinterest called “Wish For It”, which is my digital wish list.  Almost all of the people who give me gifts follow me on Pinterest, so they can look at it anytime.  I can also add things to it at anytime.  My favorite feature, however, is that by putting the items on my Pinterest board, a person can click on the pin, and get directed to the link where they can order the item.  I like to think that I’m helping them save time and maximizing their days too!

I still get all kinds of gifts that aren’t on my “Wish For It” board, which is awesome.  But I have also had a number of times that people have said “I found this on your Pinterest board”.  Mission Accomplished.

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