Tie a string around your finger….

I remember when I was kid being told that if I needed to be reminded of something that I should tie a string around my finger.  I have a vague memory of doing it once.  I’m not sure if that really works or if people actually did that in real life, but the premise is good.  Put something out of place so that it sticks out and when you notice it, it reminds you of what you were thinking.

More often than not, those “I need to remember fill-in-the-blank” moments happen while I’m lying in bed.  Why is that?!  And once I’m in bed for the night, I’m in for good.  I HATE having to get out of bed (who doesn’t?).  But I also need to remember whatever thing was so important that it only occurred to me as I lay still trying to fall asleep.  One time, I jokingly thought ‘if only I had a string….’.  But the string would probably fall off by the time I woke up anyway.  So I tried to come up with something that achieved the same purpose.  I pulled the TV remote out of my nightstand drawer and threw it on the floor.  Sure enough, when I woke up the next morning and got out of bed, I saw the TV remote laying on the floor and had a thought progression that went like this:

“What is the TV remote doing on the floo..?  Oh, yeah, I need to fill-in-the-blank!”

And I’ve done that ever since.  We no longer have a TV in our bedroom, so now it’s usually my bottle of vitamins from my nightstand drawer (PSA: If using a bottle of vitamins, make sure to forewarn your husband that you’re throwing them on the floor, otherwise the sound that they make when they land may startle him so that you have to peel him off of your bedroom ceiling). 

One caveat to this trick is that in order for it to work, you have to have a tidy bedroom.  If you’re just throwing an item on top of another pile of stuff, then you’re just adding to the mess and not making something stick out so that you will notice it.  And if you’re a piles-on-the-floor kind of person who also happens to forget things you think of while lying in bed, then maybe this is just the motivation you need to get rid of those piles!

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