Receipt Organization

How long do you keep receipts for things you purchase?  We keep them for a year – because almost everything is not able to be returned after one year.

I have a (cheap) accordion-style coupon organizer.  It’s small (6”x12”), so it fits in a drawer and it has 12 compartments.  Each of the compartments are labeled for each of the months.  All of our receipts go in that month’s compartment.  At the beginning of each month, I pull out the previous year’s receipts from that month and go through them.  Every once in a while there’s a receipt that I think we should keep for a little longer, and it goes in the very back of the accordion.  All the rest get thrown away to make room for this month’s purchases.  It makes it really easy to minimize paper clutter due to holding on to unnecessary receipts, and it makes it easier to find a receipt if you do end up needing to return something.

Receipt Organization -

Receipt Organization -

*We only keep receipts for things that may need to be returned.  Once logged in our checking account, receipts for things such as groceries and gas get thrown away.

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